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    One Man and A Camera Philosphy

    With years of extensive photographic training and photo shooting under our belts, One Man and A camera main goal is to provide satisfaction to its customers.  We consider the customer #1.  Our passion for photography is not just about taking pictures but creating exceptional images full of life, emotions and elegance. My objective is to provide my clients with a  superior product all the time.  With exceptional service and attention to detail your photographs will capture the essence of your special occasion.  We approach each assignment with the "Can Do …

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    Extreme Flexible

    One Man and A Camera Photography are the photographers that can capture your special event  with attention to detail.  Class and Family Reunions,  Founder's Day, Pastor Appreciation, Birthday Parties, Luncheons, Golf Tournaments, Luncheons, Banquets, Anniversaries and Funerals or any other day you deem special. One Man and a Camera are the photographers that can do it.  No photo event is too small.  We want to capture your special "history one day at a …

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    On the spot viewing and printing

    With on the spot printing and viewing of your photos you never have to worry about what the picture looks like.  Our high speed printer prints out 5x7 photos within 7 seconds.  With digital photography and large memory cards we can continue to take the picture until satisfied. Viewing is done on a 29 inch HDTV television.  No more wondering was "Jr's eyes closed or whether the baby was looking at the picture".

    We provide on the spot printing and viewing of the photos taken.  You never have to worry about a picture …

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    Photography Style

    If you want fun, unique, artistic portraits, then we’ll make a great team!  I want to capture those little moments that are special to you.  True interactions and true emotions are what we seek.  Your images will tell the story of you.  I will guide you through the photography session always encouraging my clients to be themselves and have a good time.  By using natural light and unique locations, we capture artwork that could never be created in a studio. Read moreRead more

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    What else need to be said

    Contact us  to  discuss your photography event and pricing options to fits your needs and  budget. Patrick I. Gaydon 314-283-7550 (office) patrickgaydon69@gmail.com …

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    Create a unique look and feel

    With our Nikon 36 Megapixel camera we are sure we can get the essence of the …

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    Looking for the Perfect Photograph

    Photography is not all about just pulling out your camera and taking a picture.  Yes you can get that one in a million picture that comes out perfect but many times you will have a bunch of pictures that are out of focus, bad lighting and just poor composition.  We here at One Man and A Camera strive to make sure every shot is 100% perfect.  With over 20 years of training and many 100's of thousands of pictures taken from all over the world, we believe that we have developed a very good technique of getting the right amount of lighting and composition to make your pictures come out perfect.  We want every picture taken to be put …

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    Booking and Scheduling

    One Man and a Camera ask each client to begin our process with a personalized 30-60 minute consultation so we may individualize each project  for the client's  specific needs. We  may require a Non-refundable Booking Fee equal to 1/4 (one fourth)  of your event fee 7 days prior to the event  to lock in your date/time. PHOTOS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN EVENT FEES UNLESS INDICATED PER CONTRACT. Rescheduling up to 72 hours in advance of the event date is permissible and your fees will carry over/ returned to client. Cancellations or rescheduling within 72 hours will result in forfeiture of the said fee. Location Fees (for example, Missouri Botanical Gardens, Forest Park, etc.) will be added to your …

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